Manu Chao-Esperanzah

Esperanzah 2007

Le Concert de Manu Chao

est Soldout!


Pour les déçus...un petit Live 2007

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I am french but I live now in London.I have lost the contact of Tom the keyboard player who use to play with la Mano negra.I use to put up hundred and hundred of posters in France for the performances of La mano negra.As you know Manu will be in LOndon for two shows.I would like you to help me to find two cheap tickets for the two or seven of October in London I can pay 40 pounds for two tickets.I would be very happy if you could let me know this week.Por favor necesito de tu ayuda para comprar dos boletos.
J'espere que vous allez pouvoir m'aider.Benoit Dumesnil.

Écrit par : dumesnil benoit | 18/09/2007

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